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The Blackfalds Bulldogs Hockey Club welcomes young men from throughout Canada and the United States into the community. The players who are selected to participate with the Blackfalds Bulldogs hockey team are between 16 and 20 years of age and their stay can last anywhere from a day, to a full hockey season. While they are members of the Blackfalds Bulldogs players do not live on their own, therefore accommodation is required for them. 

A monthly allowance will be provided to billets to help offset the cost of food while the player is staying with them, plus two season tickets for each billet home.  

When these young men become members of the Blackfalds Bulldogs organization, they are provided with a billet family to live with throughout their season here in Blackfalds. We are looking for billet families within the community who are willing to provide a safe place for our players to reside; who can offer a private bedroom, healthy meals and food choices, as well as a positive home atmosphere which will help support these young men in their development on and off the ice.


For many of these young players, this will be their first experience living away from home. Opening your home can help enrich a player’s life, which can also be a very rewarding experience for you and your family, one that creates lasting memories. This experience often leads to lifelong bonds between billet families, the players and their own families, even as the players move on throughout their hockey careers. 

If you think billeting is a fit for you and your family, please fill out the Billet Home Application provided and submit. 

*Please note: a current negative Vulnerable Sector Check is required for all members of your home over the age of 18 (if selected as a billet family.) 

For any further information or questions regarding the Blackfalds Bulldog’s Billet program please contact billet coordinator, Bonnie Lou Johnston at (403) 597-0879 or by email  [email protected] .

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

  1. What is a Billet Family? 
    • A billet family provides a players’ home away from home, where the player will reside throughout the hockey season.  Billets provide healthy meal choices for the players throughout their stay. These players can become a part of your family and can be excellent role models for billet siblings.
  2. Are billet families paid? 
    • Billet families receive a monthly allowance to help with additional household expenses such as food.  Families will also receive 2 season tickets for the regular season home games. 
  3. Is there a typical billet family? 
    • No – billet families may be two-parent families, single parent families, empty nesters, or professional couples. The common factor is a desire by the family to make a difference in a hockey player’s life, as well as the Bulldog’s community.  Often, the players will take on the role of big brother or mentor to their billet siblings. 
  4. Can a family host more than 1 player? 
    • Yes – hosting 2 or more players allows the players to share transportation expenses and often provides company for one another.  The one requirement when hosting is that each player has a private bedroom with bed & storage available and adequate space/living arrangements.   
  5. How long does a player generally stay? 
    • Players generally begin to arrive mid to late August and stay until the end of the hockey season. Keeping in mind, some player’s stay can be shorter depending on player movement/trades. 
  6. Will players join your family for personal events? 
    • Billet families are welcome to invite players to join in on family celebrations or activities, although it is not mandatory. Players will have an extremely structured and committed schedule between on ice sessions, off ice sessions, volunteering, part-time work, or schooling.  Players will have time off over Christmas and may choose to travel home to be with their families/friends during this time. Players will have approximately 30 away games throughout Alberta and some of which will involve overnight stays which will, in turn, provide some personal time to the billet family. 
  7. Are there guidelines & communication provided to assist billet families during their billeting experience? 
    • Our billet coordinator, BL Johnston, is available by phone or email throughout the season to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have and she will act as a liaison to team management.  Billet Information Packages will be provided which will include information such as Player & Billet guidelines. 
  8. What if our family is planning a vacation or being away? 
    • We will have temporary billets available to players if required or requested. 
  9. Do I have to live in Blackfalds? 
    • No – billet homes can be in surrounding towns/cities within commuting range. Players will be required to attend the Eagle Builders Centre daily for practice/training/etc. so a shorter commute is preferred. 
  10. Can I be a temporary/part time billet? 
    • Yes – we welcome families that are interested in making their home available temporarily throughout the year to accommodate player movement/trades, as well as temporary relief when billets are away from their home for an extended period.